We have the tools to assist you in all fields of Swiss law

The following practice areas are our personal favourites


Are you working on a project and would like to create your own startup? We can help you with the legal structure of your project and ways to preserve your intellectual property rights. Let us deal with the legal aspects of your business (employment contracts, rental contracts, shareholders relations, etc.) while you concentrate on making it work. With our help, you can make sure that your project is compliant with the relevant regulatory framework from the very beginning and avoid unnecessary hassle when you scale.

Company Setup

Do you want to set up a company or a foundation in Switzerland? We will give you the legal tools to take the best strategic decisions for your company. We also intervene to help you navigate the realm of regulations and solve any disputes you would eventually be involved with, including with a third party, the authorities or even shareholders and board members.

Blockchain, smart contracts & cryptocurrency

We believe in disruptive technology. However, regulations directly targeted are rare and we mostly need to deal with legacy rules in the domain. Internationally, these regulations vary greatly and within one jurisdiction, their application remains unclear. We closely follow legislative procedures to remain one step ahead. As such, to navigate this rapidly evolving world, we provide businesses with comprehensive legal support that can assist in achieving compliance and managing risks. Whether you are investing or setting it up, we will assist you with regards to distributed ledger technology such as blockchain, smart contracts, etc. We also offer our assistance with regards to exchange platforms, wallet providers and mining farms.


Would you like to finance your project through a token generating event / initial coin offering? We can help you organise a successful crowd-funding, compliant with financial and anti-money laundering regulations. We will help you pick the company structure adapted to your needs, the token best fit to your project and provide best-practice for a smooth launch. If need be, we remain by your side to resolve any administrative, civil or penal dispute.

Criminal Law

You can count on our expertise at all stages of criminal proceedings:

> Evaluation of the criminal risks

> Crisis management

> Setting up a defence strategy

> Representation before the criminal authorities and courts

> Appeal before the higher courts


Our mission is to defend your interests before, during and after arbitral proceedings. We negotiate for you, represent you and work to enforce the arbitral award. We have experience in UN arbitration proceedings, CISG, ICC rules, ICSID, TRAC and UNCITRAL.

Civil & Commercial Litigation

We represent you to safekeep your rights at all stages of litigation proceedings in front of Swiss jurisdictions:

> Pre-litigation

> Creation of a judicial strategy

> Provisional and precautionary measures

> Negotiations

> Representation in court

> Recognition and enforcement

International Sanctions

Policies are often shifting and so does sanctions. We can assist you navigating the sanctions and making sure your business is compliant and does not unjustly suffer from sanctions. If you would like to work with countries subject to International, European, US or local sanctions, if yourself or your company is impacted by such sanctions (frozen assets, entry ban, etc.) or you are afraid that it could be the case, contact us to see what we can do.